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Depuis 2012, Michelle Houde, aussi connue sous le nom de Made in Happy, dessine des jeux de mots et de l’humour à double sens. Sa mission est de répandre des sentiments "Happy". Ses illustrations originales prennent vie sous forme de cartes de souhaits et d'affiches. 


Le monde a certainement besoin de plus de "Happy", n’est-ce pas? 

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Since 2012, Michelle Houde, a.k.a. Made in Happy, has been illustrating the witty and the punny in the form of greeting cards and art prints. Never tiring of a good word play and its accompanying illustration, our work can now be found in homes around the world.


Our mission is to spread happiness and to make Happy illustrations for everyday occasions!

The world needs more Happy, wouldn’t you agree?

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